Photo of the Week: Rainbow Lorikeets

3/24/2014 | 0

Rainbow Lorikeets ©2013 Sinclair Oldfield

Rainbow Lorikeets ©2013 Sinclair Oldfield

Australian photographer Sinclair Oldfield found these colorful Rainbow Lorikeets in Clermont, Queensland, an agricultural town in northeastern Australia. She shot the photo in November 2013 and posted it to our World Gallery.

The birds were in a tree with about 40 other lorikeets. “Even though I have many photos of lorikeets, I end up taking more because of their crazy behavior,” she tells us. “I am lucky enough to be travelling around my country photographing birds. These wonderful birds can be found along the whole East Coast of Australia in bottlebrush trees or native gums. They love to interact with people. If you put a little bit of honey and water on a lid, you will get dozens coming around.”

She used a Nikon D90 and a 50-300mm lens.

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