Photo of the Week: Great Blue Herons

2/24/2014 | 0


Great Blue Herons ©2014 Georgia Wilson

Georgia Wilson saw these nesting Great Blue Herons with raised crests in early January 2014 at the Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands at Viera in Melbourne, Florida, a popular birding site commonly known as Viera Wetlands. The site is home of a heron rookery. She posted her photo to our U.S. and Canada Gallery.

“There are about five to six active nests there every year,” Wilson says. “This was taken when they were in the process of building their nests. It is such a pleasure to watch them. They squawk at each other, preen, and put on quite the show. I think this photo shows a more tender moment when the male is passing off a stick to the female for placement in the nest.”

Wilson used a Nikon D7100 and a SIgma 150-500mm lens.

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