Photo of the Week: Ross’s Gulls

1/13/2014 | 0

Ross’s Gulls ©2013 Bernard Grossman

Ross’s Gulls ©2013 Bernard Grossman

Ross’s Gulls fly and swim off Point Barrow outside of Barrow, Alaska, on October 7, 2013. Bernard Grossman of Rexford, New York, took the photo with a Canon EOS 60D and a 100-400mm lens.

“I was on a short field trip offered by Field Guides for the purpose of looking for migrating Ross’s Gulls,” Grossman says. “We saw more than 1,200 gulls as they migrated west to east from the Chukchi Sea to the Beaufort Sea crossing over the point. The flight was especially good on October 7 with a strong wind from the northwest. Some in our group saw an estimated 800 birds at one point feeding in the water just off the spit. The movement reverses later in the month.

“Most field guides describe the gulls as having a pale or faint pink shading on the belly. We were surprised to see how completely pink many of the birds were. The photo clearly shows the variability of the color. I took the picture while standing just in the Beaufort Sea surf. It was a totally cool experience.”

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