Photo of the Week: Least and Parakeet Auklets

12/23/2013 | 0


Least and Parakeet Auklets ©2013 Greg Thomas

Our new photo of the week comes from gallery member Greg Thomas of Santee, California. He and his wife Samrieng visited Alaska’s St. George Island, one of the Pribilof Islands, last summer and photographed these adorable auklets — Least on the left and Parakeet on the right — as they perched on a cliff. He used a Nikon P510 superzoom camera and posted the photo to our U.S. and Canada Gallery.

“Bird activity was at a very high level with flocks constantly coming and going from the cliffs to far out in the ocean in search of fish,” Greg says. “Looking out over the ocean, you could see wave after wave of birds. Even as we approached St. George from several miles out at sea, you could see flying footballs (murres) and tennis balls (aucklets) in flocks everywhere. Thousands of Least Auklets and Parakeet Auklets and several hundred Horned Puffins were visible perched on the edges of cliffs.”

The Thomases were traveling with Victor Emanuel Nature Tours on back-to-back Zegrahm expeditionary cruises of Alaska and the Russian Far East. Greg says they often saw Least Auklets together with Parakeet or Crested Auklets on islands in the Bering Sea. Here’s a photo he took on Alaska’s Little Diomede Island of Crested and Least Auklets.


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