Photo of the Week: Snowy Owl

12/16/2013 | 0

Snowy Owl ©2013 Chuck Fullmer

Snowy Owl ©2013 Chuck Fullmer

A Snowy Owl stares across sandy dunes at Delaware Seashore State Park on the Atlantic coast. Chuck Fullmer of Georgetown, Delaware, shot the photo on November 30 just as the bird paused while preening blood from a meal off its feet.

The owl is one of hundreds if not thousands of Snowies that have moved south into the eastern states and provinces in the last several weeks. On the day Fullmer took the photo above, he and other birders saw another owl in the park, and several others have been reported in Delaware since late November.

Fullmer, who used a Nikon D300S and a 600mm f/4 lens, found the bird perched on a sign early in the morning. “I set up my camera, waiting for the sun to rise to give an orange cast on the bird, and as the sun rose higher and higher, the glow became enchanting,” he says. “The bird moved off the sign into a more protected location; this shot is from over the crest of the dunes.”

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