Just published: 15 additional birding destinations and an enhanced map

10/25/2013 | 0


Our Google map of 230 birdwatching hotspots. Click the map to download a KML file of it that you can open in Google Earth.

Today we’re happy to let you know that we’ve taken two big steps aimed at making it even easier to find great places to find birds.

First, with many thanks to Emily Hutton, our hard-working intern, we’ve added to our online lineup 15 feature stories about our favorite birding destinations. The newly published stories are listed below. You can also find them in the Destinations section of this site.

Second, Managing Editor Matt Mendenhall has enhanced our Google map. As you know, the map plots the locations of sites that we’ve profiled over the years in Hotspots Near You. Now, thanks to Matt, the map also shows sites described in feature stories.

You can see the map above. (And if you click on it, it will download a file that you can view in Google Earth!) Blue pins indicate Hotspots Near You, while red markers point to destination features. Together, they raise the number of excellent birding locations you can read about on BirdWatchingDaily.com today to 230.

Here are the 15 newly added destinations features, organized by state:


Big leap: Birding the Pribilofs
Puffins, Asian rarities, and millions of seabirds make the hop to Alaska’s alluring Pribilof Islands worthwhile. Emily Drew, April 2006.

Unbirded Alaska
Birders are just beginning to discover the wild beauty and unspoiled abundance of Alaska’s Yukon Delta refuge. Jim Williams and Paul J. Baicich, April 2008.


Hotspots by the sea
California’s broiling hot Salton Sea is where to find cool birds. Henry Detwiler, October 2007.

Mono Lake: Forest without trees
Amid an arid sagebrush desert, a surprising array of birds call Mono Lake’s tufa towers home. Marie Read, October 2012.


Florida’s raptor highway
Birds of prey may be reluctant to fly over open water, but that doesn’t mean they don’t. Mark Hedden October 2008.

The flamingos of Snake Bight
The heart of the Everglades is the best place in America to find our pinkest, most flamboyant bird. Bob Showler, February 2008.

St. Marks Soras
The author of The Sibley Guide to Birds describes the Sora capital of the world. Contributing Editor David Sibley, August 2006.

Oasis for birds
STA 5 is one of the best birding spots in all of South Florida. Mark and Selena Kiser, April 2009.


Monhegan in May
A bird artist finds inspiration during spring migration on a tiny Maine coast island. Barry Van Dusen, June 1995.


Birding Veracruz
Trogons, hummingbirds, parrots, and other Mexican specialties await birders just a short drive from the world’s greatest hawkwatch. Carole S. Griffiths with contributions from Devin Griffiths, October 2009.

New Jersey

Cape May mystique
When fall is winding down across most of North America, it is peaking in Cape May at New Jersey’s southern tip. Contributing Editor Pete Dunne, October 2005.

Seven shorebird favorites
One of Cape May’s local experts picks seven favorite locations for shorebirds. Richard Crossley, October 2005.

New York

Birding Central Park
Manhattan’s island of green is the place to see songbirds in spring, hawks in fall, owls and woodpeckers in winter, and the most famous Red-tailed Hawk in the world. Geoffrey S. LeBaron, December 2007.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s harlequin hotspot
One of the largest concentrations of Harlequin Ducks on the East Coast makes Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge a superb winter birding destination. Geoffrey S. LeBaron, February 2007.


Kettle as big as Texas
Hazel Bazemore Park hosts the largest concentration of migrating raptors in the United States. Joel Simon, October 2008.

Suggest a hotspot

If you know a great birding hotspot that we should write about, let me know! And by the way, our Google map is a work in progress; I’ll be adding more sites that we’ve written about to it in the near future. Plus, every two months, we update the map with four new Hotspots Near You; our most recent additions are sites in British Columbia, Florida, California, and Wisconsin. — Matt Mendenhall, Managing Editor