Photo of the Week: Canada Warbler

10/7/2013 | 0

Canada Warbler ©2013 Diane Doran

Canada Warbler ©2013 Diane Doran

Subscriber Diane Doran of Toronto shot this portrait of a Canada Warbler in her backyard in May.

“Our backyard borders a large green space and we attract migratory birds every spring and fall, largely due to a small pond my husband created specifically for attracting migrating warblers,” she says. “We have been delighted over the years with an incredible variety of warblers that find their way to the pond to refresh themselves before continuing their journeys north or south, depending on the season.”

Diane used a Nikon D4 and a 400mm lens.

Canada Warbler is a species of conservation concern. At last month’s Partners in Flight Conference in Utah, biologists and resource managers from eight countries began developing the framework for a new international conservation initiative focusing on the warbler.

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