Photo of the Week: Common Loons

9/23/2013 | 0


Common Loons ©2013 Mike Wisnicki

This up-close image of a trio of Common Loons is our new photo of the week. Gallery member Mike Wisnicki shot the photo in late July on Wilgress Lake in southern British Columbia and posted it our U.S. and Canada Gallery. He was seated in his kayak when he took the picture.

“The advantage of using a kayak is that, given some patience, the loons allow you to get surprisingly close. I was probably only about 10 meters [11 yards] away for this shot,” Mike says. “I spent a few hours on a small lake near Grand Forks and originally only saw one loon. A second one swam out of the reeds, then a third one came winging in, followed half an hour later by a fourth.

“There was quite a commotion with each arrival, and it really seemed as if they were old pals having a reunion. They basically ignored my presence. They were swimming under the kayak, swimming circles around each other, dipping their heads under the water, seemingly having a grand time. It was a real thrill to be sitting there in their midst watching their behavior.”

Mike used a Panasonic FZ 150 camera.

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