Photo of the Week: Western Scrub-Jay

7/8/2013 | 2


Western Scrub-Jay ©2013 Vicki Miller

Frequent gallery contributor Vicki Miller lives in a rural area in Kelseyville, a small town in northern California. “We have a small deer herd that wanders around our neighborhood year-round,” she tells us. This spring, she shot this photo of a juvenile Western Scrub-Jay picking ticks and fleas off a black-tailed deer outside her garden and posted it to our U.S. and Canada gallery.

“I’ve watched the jays do this twice in the past couple weeks and two other times in past years,” she adds. “The deer seem to love the attention and will allow the birds to search for bugs (even around their eyes) as long as they want.”

Vicki used a Canon 7D and a 100-400mm lens.

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  • roberta4343

    awww what a pretty bird, and what a patient deer too!

  • geopix

    Great capture, Vicki!