Where boldly marked American Redstart migrates, and when

American Redstart in Castlewood Canyon State Park, Douglas County, Colorado, by Robert Martinez.
American Redstart in Castlewood Canyon State Park, Douglas County, Colorado, by Robert Martinez.

In On the Move, our regular column about migration, we present pairs of distribution maps from eBird that you can use to compare where interesting birds are at different times of year. We featured American Redstart, pictured above, in our June 2016 issue.

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American Redstart

January 2005-15 (left), May 2005-15 (right).

In January, American Redstart occurs in a variety of low- and mid-elevation wooded habitats: in southern Baja California, along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of central Mexico, from southern Mexico south through parts of northern South America, and throughout much of the Caribbean. Purple squares on the January map in southern California, South Texas, and throughout Florida indicate uncommon records of overwintering birds.

During the breeding season, the warbler occurs across much of southern Canada and the northern and eastern United States and can be found in secondary forests, riparian bottomlands, and deciduous woodlands.

Watch for the species’ acrobatic foraging behavior. It droops its wings and fans its tail, flashing showy white tail spots. The action apparently aids in foraging efficiency.

On the Move is written by eBird’s Garrett MacDonald, Chris Wood, Marshall Iliff, and Brian Sullivan. Submit your bird sightings at ebird.org. A version of this article appeared in “Birding Briefs” in the June 2016 issue of BirdWatching.

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