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Spiral Bird Feeder Cam


Paulson Products, a company based in Dubuque, Iowa, makes a unique type of spiral-shaped bird feeder. Jeffrey Paulson, a retired chief mechanical engineer at NASA who oversaw antenna complexes for the Deep Space Network (WOW, right?), creates the feeders out of hardened steel.

The camera view above, which is also available on the Paulson Products website, shows feeders in Paulson’s yard in Iowa. The scene shifts to a different feeder every minute. It operates during daylight hours every day of the year.

Paulson’s feeders are designed to hold a disposable bowl that can be filled with seed or suet. Or in the spring and summer, the feeders can hold half an orange or a small silicone cup for jelly. Depending on the season, the feeders attract finches, sparrows, cardinals, tanagers, orioles, and other feeder birds.


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