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outdoor cats

Biologists denounce ‘science denialism’ about outdoor cats

New study decries a “misinformation campaign designed to purposefully fabricate doubt regarding the harmful impacts of outdoor cats … Read More “Biologists denounce ‘science denialism’ about outdoor cats”


One birder’s journey to his 700th species in North America

A birder shares his journey to spotting 700 different species — and how he learned to savor each new life bird along the way … Read More “One birder’s journey to his 700th species in North America”

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Some day, you may be able to offer hemp seed as bird food

Hemp seed hasn’t been available as bird food for decades, but that may soon change … Read More “Some day, you may be able to offer hemp seed as bird food”

Stresemann’s Bristlefront

‘World’s rarest bird’ sighted in Brazil

Existence of female Stresemann’s Bristlefront renews hope for species’ survival … Read More “‘World’s rarest bird’ sighted in Brazil”

Wilson's Bird-of-Paradise

Birding the world: What drives big listers

A half-century ago, no one had seen even 4,000 bird species. Now, some birders are homing in on the 10,000-species mark … Read More “Birding the world: What drives big listers”

Fiserv Forum

World’s first bird-friendly arena opens

U.S. Green Building Council recognizes Fiserv Forum, the home of the Milwaukee Bucks, for its bird-friendly design … Read More “World’s first bird-friendly arena opens”

Bird Identification

Identifying Williamson’s Sapsucker

How to distinguish this western woodpecker from Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and Gila Woodpecker … Read More “Identifying Williamson’s Sapsucker”


To identify distant waterbirds, learn their flocking behavior

In winter, identifying waterbirds is often challenging because the birds are too far away to see details. Understanding flocking behavior can help … Read More “To identify distant waterbirds, learn their flocking behavior”

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Slideshow: Unique birds of North America by Stan Tekiela

Here is a sampling of photos from Stan Tekiela’s new book “Wild Birds: North America’s Most Unique Birds … Read More “Slideshow: Unique birds of North America by Stan Tekiela”

Nine top cameras for birders

Here are nine cameras that we like and suggest birders explore for their photography needs … Read More “Nine top cameras for birders”

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Birds of South Africa’s pristine Lowveld landscape

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A visit to Pihemanu

A nest counter on Midway Atoll confronts millions of Laysan Albatross, tens of thousands of Bonin Petrels, and one lonely Short-tailed Albatross … Read More “A visit to Pihemanu”

Cuba bird survey

Cuba bird survey in March 2019 with David Sibley

You are invited on an exclusive, U.S.-led and U.S.-managed birding program to Cuba sponsored by BirdWatching magazine in partnership with the Caribbean Conservation Trust, Inc., with special guest host David Allen Sibley, from March 2-11, 2019. Click here to reserve your spot, or scroll to the bottom of this post to download the registration form. For the fifth time, BirdWatching … Read More “Cuba bird survey in March 2019 with David Sibley”

Hotspots Near You

We’ve published “Hotspots Near You” since October 2006. In it, we provide up-to-date information from local birders about easily accessible places to watch birds. We offer maps, directions, bird lists, links, contact information, and detailed descriptions of hotspots that are great for birding close to home. Read More “Hotspots Near You”