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Barred Owl

Nikon D3500 06/01/2021 Morgan Falls, GA Barred Owl during sunrise. The morning sunlight traveled through a small opening within the trees, illuminating the owl’s presence….

Barred Owl

Nikon D3500 Chattahoochee National Forest. After patiently waiting for over a year to cross paths with an owl, I spotted a Barred Owl rooted within the forest trees. The wait…

Barred Owl

Barred Owl locked in on a red squirrel but no luck as it out ran the owl, Kingston, Ontario.

Eastern Screech-Owl

Red morph Eastern Screech-Owl enjoying some winter sun. Nations Rd. IBA, Geneseo, NY. 2/4/21

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl taken in Seattle, WA, on December 23, 2020. Snowy Owls are occasional winter visitors to the Seattle area but are not common. So I was really happy to…

Barred Owl

A very young Barred Owl preens. This area has hosted Barred Owl families for years, and they are very popular in the neighborhood.

Great Gray Owl

I was observing this Great Gray from a roadside near Millarville, AB, Canada. The owl, some thirty feet away, was aware of me but paid little attention. Then it took…

Indian Scops Owl

Photographed at what appeared to be a “regular” roost, as we saw him here on multiple days, the plumage of this scops owl is perfectly camouflaged to match the tree,…