Eastern Kingbird

This is a first for me – the Eastern Kingbird – although they are probably common enough. Today they were hanging out below the herons at the Heron Rookery on…

Great Egrets

Taken at a Rookery in Ocean City, NJ..these juveniles were quite active!

Great Blue Herons

It was interesting to watch the attentive behavior of this nesting pair as they constructed their nest. Audubon Rookery, Venice, FL. Canon 7D 70-300…

Great Blue Heron

…construction. The rising sun cast its own shadow against the wing, as it landed with a branch to contribute to the nest. Audubon Rookery, Venice, FL Canon 7D markII 70-300…

Great Egret

…her building materials with deliberation. I liked this capture with the plumage slightly splayed and the seasonal ‘green’ beak color. Canon 7D markII 70-300. Feb 2019 Audubon Rookery Venice, FL…

Wood Storks

At a rookery in Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge, Townsend, GA. Over 200 Wood Storks nesting. Parent returning to nest to feed young.

Little Blue Heron

Taken at a rookery along the New Jersey shore!

Great Egrets

Juveniles in the nest at a rookery