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Indian Golden Oriole

This male golden oriole was perched on a fruiting banyan tree on the campus of Vasanta College, Varanasi, India, on 21st Sept, 2022.

Maroon Oriole

A rare bird species in Taiwan, Maroon Oriole can sometimes be seen in lowland forests around the Island. This bird in the photo perched high … Read More “Maroon Oriole”

Baltimore Oriole

A male Baltimore Oriole photographed in my yard in May 2022 during Spring Migration. Dickinson County, Iowa.

Orchard Oriole

Male Orchard Oriole on a crabapple branch. Taken in my yard in Dickinson County, Iowa in May, 2022 during Spring Migration.

House Finch

This male House Finch found our oriole feeder today, and he and his mate were investigating the tall shrubs in our yard as well. I … Read More “House Finch”

Baltimore Oriole

a Baltimore Oriole on Nun’s Island, Quebec.

Baltimore Oriole

The most wonderful time of the season in our backyard in Lincoln, MA. Orioles galore!

Baltimore Oriole

A beautiful female Baltimore Oriole loves snacking at the suet feeder.

Baltimore Oriole

Finally a female showed up & found a mate and the pair are regulars all day long