Common Mergansers

photo taken at hillman marsh conservation area.

Barn Owl

…a couple of months. Making a few passes along the road, dive into the tall salt marsh grass looking for rodents. Image was taken December 2017, Delta British Columbia, Canada…


A breeding pair of mallards feeding in a marsh in north Texas on December 6, 2018.

Southern Emu-wrens

Mr And Mrs Southern Emu-wren at the Barren Ground NSW, Australia

Sinaloa Wren

There are only a few of these wrens recorded in the US each year. I shot this one in southeast AZ along the Santa Cruz River on 3/30/18.

Blue-winged Teal

I sat in my blind for hours at Hillman marsh Conservation Area and was in before sunrise to photograph these very skittish duck. this is my first ever photo of…

Northern Harrier

I took this image at Hillman Marsh Conservation Area. I parked my car along a grass field these harriers regularly hunt and was rewarded with a few fly right in…