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Brahminy kite

In the suburbs of Mumbai, I recently saw was a Brahminy Kite in a beautiful birdwatching site called Nhava Shiva. The kite is an attractive … Read More “Brahminy kite”


Over a watershed which is the principal water resource of millions of people in Taipei Metro Area, an osprey catches a fish and soon flies … Read More “Osprey”

Black Kite

This kite let out a repeated high-pitch barking call. It is also known as a Brown Eagle. It is thought to be the most abundant … Read More “Black Kite”

Black Kite

This bird with a sharp beak and keen eyesight is seen easily enough. The black kite is as common as the crow. It is easily … Read More “Black Kite”

Black-winged Kite

Black-winged kite is a striking bird of prey with white head and breast and ruby red eyes. This pic was taken on 26-1-2019 in mumbai.

White-tailed Kite

Beautiful White-tailed Kite ready to make a landing.

Black Kite

Black kite is a medium size raptor. It has very dark brown plumage with light brown & rufous markings. It was spotted by me 10th … Read More “Black Kite”

Black kite

A black kite was about to dive in Keelung harbor, Taiwan.