American Bittern

Puffed up American Bittern. Taken at Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Delray Beach FL on February 14 2019.

Black-necked Stilt and American Coot

American Coots are there predictably but the Black-necked Stilts are less common. This one was one of a group that were there during the breeding season. I noticed that they…

Australian Kestrel

Australian Kestrel at Lake Wollumboola, NSW, Australia

American Kestrel

For years I’ve tried unsuccessfully to get a photo of a kestrel in flight. I’ve gotten them perched on wires or buildings, and I’ve witnessed them hovering over fields searching…

American Dipper

An American Dipper stands at the edge of a river during the salmon run in British Columbia, Canada. Taken with a Canon 7D MK II and EF 100-400mm lens.

American White Pelicans

I took this photo of American White Pelicans in Davenport, IA along the Mississippi River on 10/14/18 using my Nikon P900.

American Wigeon

The chocolate tones of an American Wigeon hen, seen here in subdued transitional plumage at Horn Pond in Woburn, MA. This image was taken on a morning with bright overcast…

American Goldfinch

This background really complimented the overall shot of this American goldfinch in fall plumage. The bird was photographed in Lake County, IL during September of this year. Nikon D7100 1/400…