American Bittern

This American Bittern put on a good show for attendees of one of the bird tours during the Horicon Marsh Bird Festival in May 2019. It was seen along one…

American White Pelican

An American White Pelican in flight over Frank Lake, near High River, AB, Canada. Photographed with a Nikon D7200 and Sigma 100-400mm lens.

American Goldfinch

A bright yellow female wondering where all the leaves went on this branch perhaps? 😉…

American Goldfinch

I’ve always known that Goldfinches not only eat thistle seed but also use the thistle down for their nests but had never actually seen one doing either on a thistle…

American Goldfinch

This goldfinch found the small lannon stone bird bath within minutes of putting it out in the garden.

American Goldfinch

A male American Godlfinch with leg lesions (scaly legs) caused by leg mites (an infection called cnemidocoptosis). The bird seemed otherwise quite healthy. Photographed at Colony Farm Regional Park, Coquitlam,…

American Oystercatchers

These American Oystercatchers just hatched 4 days ago and I got the pleasure of seeing them on the beach in Cape May, NJ