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Canada Goose

4/26/2014 | 0

A Canada Goose glides by on a glassy pool at Great Meadows Wildlife Refuge in Concord, MA. 25 April,2014

Northern Cardinal

4/15/2014 | 0

A beautiful female cardinal preening for her three ardent male suitors.

Eastern Bluebird

4/3/2014 | 0

This little guy was sitting in the woods behind my home, enjoying the spring sunshine.

Blue Jay

3/28/2014 | 0

One of a flock of blue jays that visit my backyard in Lincoln,MA -March, 2014

Black-capped Chickadee

3/22/2014 | 0

Our state bird, the black-capped chickadee, at our suet feeder in Lincoln, MA. March 2014

Northern Cardinal

3/19/2014 | 0

I now have six Northern Cardinals flocking in my backyard in Lincoln, MA. Caught this guy this morning staring right … Read More