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Great Egret

4/13/2015 | 0

A beautiful great egret displaying its breeding plumage at Jones River Marsh in MA – 12 April, 2015

Purple Swamphen

4/11/2015 | 0

The purple swamphen abound in the marshlands of Pallikarania in Tamil Nadu, India.

Black-winged Stilts

4/11/2015 | 0

A pair of black-winged stilts in the marshes at Pallikaranai, India.

Black-crowned Night-Heron

4/11/2015 | 0

A night-heron waiting patiently in the brush around the Adayar River in Chennai, India. March 2015

Eastern Bluebird

4/11/2015 | 0

These delightful little birds are daily visitors to our backyard now.

Common Grackle

4/9/2015 | 0

These cheerful birds greet us every morning now.

Black-rumped Flameback

4/9/2015 | 0

A gorgeous black-rumped flameback woodpecker put on a great show for me in Chennai, India.

Spot-billed Pelican

4/9/2015 | 0

Breakfast for the spot-billed pelican at Shollinganallur marsh, Chennai, India