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Anna’s Hummingbird

7/23/2013 | 1

The sun was barely shining on the small solar fountain but this hummer thought it was just perfect for her … Read More

California Quail

7/16/2013 | 0

I get a kick every time I see the quail picking our neighbor’s tomato patch to have their dust baths. … Read More

California Quail

7/12/2013 | 0

This was one of seven that were looking for food in our garden with their parents nearby. I love their … Read More

Bullock’s Oriole

7/10/2013 | 1

My backyard is full of orioles at this time of year. They love the pollen in my flowers and the … Read More

Anna’s Hummingbird

7/9/2013 | 1

The hummingbirds love their morning bath. This one actually was swimming in the shallow water. I used a Canon 7D, … Read More

Bullock’s Oriole

7/4/2013 | 0

I took this photo of a juvenile oriole in the backyard of my home in Kelseyville, CA. I used a … Read More

Hooded Oriole

6/30/2013 | 0

This juvenile is one of many that frequent our hummingbird feeders. I used a Canon 7D, Canon 100-400mm, F/5.6, ISO … Read More