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Band-tailed Pigeon

4/28/2015 | 0

A new arrival to the sunflower seed feeder on our deck, this one was waiting in line for an available … Read More

House Finch

4/9/2015 | 0

I currently have two finch variants at my feeders in the garden. This one has yellow/orange coloring. I used a … Read More

Prairie Falcon

1/21/2015 | 0

Photographed in Middletown, CA. I used a Canon 7D Mark ll and a Canon 100-400 lens. This falcon was found … Read More

Bald Eagles

1/21/2015 | 0

I enjoy photographing the eagles from our back deck. I used a Canon 7D Mark ll and a Canon 100-400 … Read More

White-crowned Sparrow

9/22/2014 | 0

This little guy decided to sit on our deck and enjoy his sunbathing. I took this through the window with … Read More

Black-footed Albatross

9/19/2014 | 0

Photographed 10 miles west of the Mendocino coast. I used a Canon 7D and Canon 100-400 mm lens.