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Pacific Wren

1/4/2014 | 0

8:30 a.m, 1-4-14. I stepped outside and this tiny wren was foraging. San Juan Island, WA. I use my little … Read More

Hooded Mergansers

12/30/2013 | 0

Found this pair of hoodies Nov. 2012 in a lagoon on San Juan Island, WA. I used my handy little … Read More

Surf Scoters

12/30/2013 | 0

Surf Scoters migrate through the San Juan Islands, WA, during fall and spring. This picture was taken mid-October, 2013 with … Read More

Hermit Thrush

12/30/2013 | 0

This little Hermit Thrush shared the trail with me for a brief moment on San Juan Island, WA. October, 2013. … Read More

Spotted Towhee

11/20/2013 | 0

American Camp National Historical Park, San Juan Island, WA. Spotted Towhee in the morning, July 2012. Taken with my little … Read More

Black-necked Stilt

11/19/2013 | 0

Enjoyed seeing many of these spectacular stilts at the Salton Sea in California. November this year. I used my little … Read More