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Harlequin Duck

2/19/2017 | 0

Commonly seen at Cattle Point Pass, San Juan Island, Washington. Breeding plumage. 2-13-2017. Taken with Nikon Coolpix P610 I love … Read More

Common Goldeneyes

2/19/2017 | 0

Common Goldeneyes in the Salish Sea, off the rocks of San Juan Island, Washington 2-13-2017 Taken with Nikon Coolpix P610.

Black Oystercatcher

2/18/2017 | 0

My favorites on the rocky coasts of San Juan Island, Washington. Their high-pitched squeal helps locate them on the rocks … Read More

Hooded Merganser

2/18/2017 | 0

Female Hooded Merganser, Friday Harbor, Washington. 2-16-2017 Nikon Coolpix P610

Greater Yellowlegs

2/18/2017 | 0

Two yellowlegs were together. One was keeping watch on a high outcropping of rock while the other (pictured) was foraging … Read More

Red-breasted Sapsucker

3/11/2016 | 0

Watched this busy little Sapsucker for quite awhile. You can see he’s at home with this tree! Taken February 2, … Read More

Harlequin Ducks

3/11/2016 | 0

A flock of about dozen Harlequins frequents the strong currents and rocky shoreline at the tip of San Juan Island, … Read More

Snow Geese

3/10/2016 | 0

Skagit Valley, Washington. Thousands of Snow Geese migrate from Siberia to feed through the winter. Taken with my trusty old … Read More