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Belted Kingfisher

8/21/2015 | 0

Portrait of a female Belted Kingfisher. Photographed from a blind at Brick Pond Wetland Preserve in Owego, NY. August 14, … Read More

Wood Duck

8/19/2015 | 0

“What an ornament to a river to see that glowing gem floating in contact with its waters!” -Henry David Thoreau … Read More


8/17/2015 | 0

Sunday, while I was crouched in the water photographing shorebirds, I saw this adult Osprey flying overhead with a fish. … Read More

Belted Kingfisher

8/17/2015 | 0

Female Belted Kingfisher coming in for a landing with a fresh catch. One bird that had eluded me this spring … Read More

Canada Goose

8/6/2015 | 0

Canada Goose preening in the golden glow of early springtime. While hiding in a blind to photograph Wood Ducks this … Read More


8/5/2015 | 0

Killdeer are summer resident shorebirds in upstate NY, but I don’t often get close to them. Last Sunday I crouched … Read More

Solitary Sandpiper

8/2/2015 | 0

I have recently found a great spot just off Cayuga Lake in NY for observing and photographing shorebirds. And my … Read More