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Snow Geese

1/10/2016 | 0

Snow Geese, including the less common Blue Morph (left front) seen during migration just north of Cayuga Lake in upstate, … Read More

Trumpeter Swans

1/3/2016 | 0

A Trumpeter Swan looks on while its mate flaps its wings following a courtship dance between the two. October 2015. … Read More

American Dipper

12/17/2015 | 0

Catch of the Day: While I watched, this American Dipper dove into the water and later resurfaced with what I … Read More

American Dipper

12/15/2015 | 0

Many generations of evolution result in animals that blend in well with their surroundings, which helps them to evade predators. … Read More

California Condor

11/30/2015 | 0

California Condor flying free over the Colorado River in Marble Canyon, AZ. Photographed at Navajo Bridge, October 2015. Canon 7D … Read More

Barrow’s Goldeneye

11/29/2015 | 0

Hen Barrow’s Goldeneye swimming on Jackson Lake at Schwabacher’s Landing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. While looking for Moose, I couldn’t … Read More

California Condor

11/27/2015 | 0

California Condor enjoying the early morning sunlight on the cliffs near Navajo Bridge in Marble Canyon, Arizona. October 2015. Canon … Read More

American Dipper

11/27/2015 | 0

American Dipper preening on the Lamar River in Yellowstone National Park. One of my goals of this year’s trip to … Read More