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Wood Duck

7/1/2015 | 0

“Even if photographers chose to photograph only a single family of birds, such as the owl family, or a single … Read More

Reddish Egret

6/30/2015 | 0

“If I had the chance I’d ask the world to dance And I’ll be dancing with myself” -Billy Idol Reddish … Read More

Wood Ducks

6/28/2015 | 0

“Red Raspberry, my favorite!” A Mama Wood Duck looks on as her three-week-old duckling nibbles at a Red Raspberry slime … Read More

Hooded Merganser

6/23/2015 | 0

One day in early spring I had some very close opportunities with a female Hooded Merganser. This was one of … Read More

Tree Swallows

6/19/2015 | 0

The Chase: One Tree Swallow chasing another away from a nest cavity. This Swallow nest tree is across the pond … Read More

Great Blue Heron

6/16/2015 | 0

Although Great Blue Herons are fairly common I am equally enthralled by their beauty each time I see them. One … Read More

Wood Ducks

6/15/2015 | 0

“What do you think this is?” These three-week-old Wood Ducklings were very curious about this slime mold, Red Raspberry I … Read More