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Lesser Yellowlegs

7/26/2015 | 0

Lesser Yellowlegs in its classic hunting pose along the shore of a small island at Myers Park in Lansing, NY. … Read More

Common Mergansers

7/26/2015 | 0

A Dime a Dozen: I’ve read that Common Mergansers often have very large broods of 12 or more ducklings. And … Read More

Common Mergansers

7/14/2015 | 0

Common Merganser and her brood of just a few days old. Photographed at Myer’s Point in Lansing, NY. Canon 7D … Read More

Green Heron

7/12/2015 | 0

A fledgling Green Heron seeming to defy gravity while hunting for its prey. Photographed at Brick Pond Wetland Preserve one … Read More


7/12/2015 | 0

A Killdeer taking flight in the golden hour just before sunset. The Killdeer is a medium sized plover and is … Read More

Wood Ducks

7/9/2015 | 0

Super-Mom: I’ve read that Wood Ducklings will start to become independent and stray from their Mothers between five and seven … Read More

Great Blue Heron

7/8/2015 | 0

Spear Fishing in Springtime: The Great Blue Heron very slowly stalks its prey, standing extremely still for minutes at a … Read More

Wood Duck

7/6/2015 | 0

Young Wood Duckling photographed from a blind at Brick Pond Wetland Preserve in Owego, NY. July 3, 2015. Canon 7D … Read More