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Red Avadavats

11/24/2015 | 0

I got them yesterday in the evening. These are my favorite birds. There were more than 20 in a flock, … Read More

Spotted Redshank

11/23/2015 | 0

Spotted Redshank taken at Head Marala, Sialkot, Pakistan.

Blue-tailed Bee-eaters

11/20/2015 | 0

These beautiful birds were fighting when I put my tent in the colony of birds near Sialkot, Pakistan. I took … Read More

Spotted Redshank

11/17/2015 | 0

I captured this bird at head marala, Sialkot, Pakistan. I used Canon 7d mkii with 400mm 5.6.

Gray Heron

11/16/2015 | 0

The gray heron is a long-legged predatory wading bird of the heron family Ardeidae, native throughout temperate Europe and Asia … Read More

White-browed Wagtail

11/16/2015 | 0

The white-browed wagtail or large pied wagtail is a medium-sized bird and is the largest member of the wagtail family.

Greater Flamingos

11/3/2015 | 0

Greater flamingos captured in Punjab, Pakistan. Canon 40d + 400mm

Small Pratincole

10/29/2015 | 0

The small pratincole, little pratincole, or small Indian pratincole, is a small wader in the pratincole family, Glareolidae. The small … Read More