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Ruby-crowned Kinglet

6/12/2013 | 2

Most people never see the ruby crown on this little Kinglet. This is the season, while they are mating and … Read More

Tree Swallow

6/12/2013 | 0

I think this Tree Swallow is yelling, “Back off buddy, this is my house.” I can see how they can … Read More

Kentucky Warbler

6/12/2013 | 0

Here is a bird I don’t see every year. They are scarce and somewhat reclusive and tend not to sing … Read More

Forster’s Tern

6/10/2013 | 2

I love they way Terns fly and fish. This was taken at Hilton Head Island, SC.

Crested Caracara

6/5/2013 | 0

I spent some time in Texas last fall to photograph the local raptors. Crested Caracara was very obliging in this … Read More

Blue Jay

6/4/2013 | 0

These guys, while bright and noisy, are hard to approach and photograph unless on a feeder. Here is a lawn … Read More

American White Pelican

6/4/2013 | 1

This American White Pelican is in post breeding plumage. They were numerous last weekend on Washington Island in Door County, … Read More