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Steller’s Jay

9/9/2014 | 0

East of Mt. Hamilton in California’s Santa Clara Valley, a Steller’s Jay finds a shady perch on a ranch fence … Read More

Anna’s Hummingbird

9/2/2014 | 0

An Anna’s hummingbird guards the backyard feeder in the waning sunlight in San Jose, CA.

House Finch

8/30/2014 | 0

Photographed in San Jose, California, juvenile house finch surveys the backyard domain.

House Finch

8/27/2014 | 0

A male House Finch waits for his turn at the back-yard feeder. San Jose, CA Canon XTi w/Canon 100-400mm L … Read More

Anna’s Hummingbird

1/23/2014 | 0

Lacking the proper digits – and a nose – Bob couldn’t thumb his nose at the world. Instead he did … Read More