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Savannah Sparrow

6/1/2016 | 0

On a weedy lot West of Watertown NY was 1 of many Savannah Sparrows. Here he is singing.

Warbling Vireo

5/27/2016 | 0

Warbling Vireo in full throated song. Common hard to image bird.

Eastern Wood-Pewee

5/27/2016 | 0

Not a Phoebe! See the Yellow bill? FOS over the creek at Franklin Sq. in Syracuse NY.

Snowy Egret

5/20/2016 | 0

Snowy Egret foraging in the reservoir at Jamesville NY.

Red-tailed Hawk

5/20/2016 | 0

Red-tailed Hawk waiting out Crows at Jamesville Beach.