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Song Sparrow

6/13/2013 | 0

Eye-level angle of a Song Sparrow. Compare with the Savannah Sparrow. See the rusty supercilium?

Savannah Sparrow

6/13/2013 | 0

Full portrait of a singing Savannah Sparrow at the old Erie canal trail.


6/13/2013 | 0

Bobolink seen at the south lookout at Derby Hill.

Cedar Waxwing

6/13/2013 | 0

1 of six Waxwings foraging for berries at Beaver Lake. Imaged handheld with a Canon SX 30 IS.

Rusty Blackbird

6/13/2013 | 0

Rusty Blackbird at Dewitt NY. This is a bird of some concern due to decline in numbers.

Eastern Screech-Owl

6/13/2013 | 0

Gray phase Screech-Owl roosting one winter morning in a tree hollow.


6/12/2013 | 0

Juvenile Killdeer foraging in a recently cleared lot.