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Downy Woodpecker

4/26/2014 | 0

Female Downy poses near the suet at the valley. Common and fascinating to watch!

Northern Cardinal

4/26/2014 | 0

I feel fortunate to have been able to capture this Cardinal calling and moving through the thick brush at Split … Read More

Eastern Phoebe

4/22/2014 | 0

Eastern Phoebe with its head cocked, perched over the garage. He was teetering his tail.

Song Sparrow

4/22/2014 | 0

Song Sparrow perched in a late budding shrub in mid April. This was imaged near Pumpkin Hollow East of Marcellus … Read More

Red-tailed Hawk

4/18/2014 | 0

A sub-adult Red-tail at a fruitful hunting territory near the old Erie canal.