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Brown Thrasher

5/15/2014 | 0

Singing Thrasher at the Valley in Syracuse NY. Cropped image.

Cape May Warbler

5/14/2014 | 0

First ever image by yours truly of a Cape May Warbler foraging in an Oak tree.

Northern Cardinal

5/13/2014 | 0

Cardinal at the baths at the assisted living facility in Dewitt NY.


5/13/2014 | 0

Belly shot of the Ovenbird at the bird festival at Derby Hill.

Prothonotary Warbler

5/13/2014 | 0

Warbler found foraging on the bluffs over Lake Ontario. Must have been snacking after a long flight.

Eastern Towhee

5/8/2014 | 0

Towhee singing at Camillus NY at the Split Rock unique area.