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Black-capped Chickadee

12/26/2016 | 0

Black-capped Chickadee feeding on Staghorn Sumac at Burnet Park in Syracuse NY on X-mas day.

Dark-eyed Junco

11/1/2016 | 0

Dark-eyed Junco sunbathes at the West Shore Trail in Geddes, New York.

Common Loon

8/29/2016 | 0

Drab female or juvenile Common Loon surfaced on Keuka Lake at Penn Yan, New York.

Red-tailed Hawk

7/29/2016 | 0

Male (by size) Red-tail found West of I-481 at Dewitt NY. See the orange chest? Found by voice.


7/28/2016 | 0

One of four Osprey found in the area of Murphey’s Island.