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Ruby-crowned Kinglet

10/20/2016 | 0

I was watching a pair of Ruby-crowned Kinglets foraging in some brushy vegetation. Each time the other kinglet got close … Read More

Yellow-throated Warbler

4/18/2016 | 0

Yellow-throated Warblers nest in the same large sycamore tree at Warren Ferry in Albemarle County, Virginia. In the spring when … Read More

Wood Duck

10/2/2015 | 0

Wood Duck using a turtle for its perch. Taken at the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Philadelphia, PA using … Read More

Greater Roadrunner

6/3/2015 | 0

Greater Roadrunner eating a large grasshopper. Taken at Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park, Texas, on May 20, 2015, using a … Read More

Carolina Wren

4/22/2015 | 0

Carolina Wren. Taken on 4/21/15 in my back yard with a Canon 7D Mark II camera body and a Canon … Read More

Swamp Sparrow

4/8/2015 | 0

One of my favorite birds. Canon 7D Mark II camera body with a 400mm L f/5.6 lens,