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Red-tailed Hawk

11/18/2014 | 0

Photographed in Denver, Colorado, October 2014.

Peregrine Falcon

11/18/2014 | 0

While attending a raptor workshop in Denver, Colorado in October 2014, I managed to capture this bird just before he … Read More


7/13/2014 | 0

Whenever a Limpkin is found in Georgia, the news travels fast thanks to list serves, cell phones and rare bird … Read More

Wilson’s Plover

6/29/2014 | 0

This Wilson’s Plover was found with his mate on Jekyll Island, Georgia. Apparently a few pair nest in a roped … Read More

Orchard Oriole

5/27/2014 | 0

Recently I have observed this male Orchard Oriole coming to some volunteer Gladiolus along the fence in my backyard. While … Read More

Summer Tanager

5/8/2014 | 0

This beautiful male Summer Tanager hangs out in our neighborhood here in Americus, Georgia. I managed to capture this guy … Read More