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Snow Bunting

1/3/2014 | 0

Taken last winter at Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, in a huge snow drift. Here is a Snow Bunting perched proudly in … Read More

Northern Hawk Owl

11/26/2013 | 0

This portrait of a Northern Hawk Owl was taken near Montreal Lake, Saskatchewan last February. A Canon 7D and 100-400 … Read More

Eastern Kingbird

11/1/2013 | 1

An Eastern Kingbird tosses its lunch of grasshopper into the air, and opens up to devour it! Taken this summer … Read More

Blue Jay

11/1/2013 | 1

A Blue Jay preens after a nice bath this fall in Saskatchewan, Canada. Canon 7D, 100-400 @F8

Golden-crowned Kinglet

10/23/2013 | 1

A female Golden-crowned Kinglet in my backyard this fall in Saskatchewan, Canada. Canon 7D , Sigma 150-500mm at F8

Hairy Woodpecker

10/10/2013 | 0

A female Hairy Woodpecker scales a tree in a wooded park this fall in Saskatchewan, Canada.