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Lark Sparrow

4/14/2015 | 0

Rare for our area, this lone Lark Sparrow dropped in on a local conservation area in Kingston, Ontario, near the northeastern … Read More

Pine Warbler

2/14/2015 | 0

Rare species to over winter in Southern Ontario. This was taken at a temperature of -25 Celsius at a feeder … Read More

Snowy Owl

2/4/2015 | 0

Snowy owl fly by on Wolfe Island in southern Ontario.

Great Gray Owl

1/18/2015 | 0

Black and white photography is often over looked when shooting birds. This Great Gray Owl saw movement under the deep … Read More

Long-eared Owl

1/17/2015 | 0

This species is seen normally during the winter months and not often out in the open. The really cold temps … Read More

Snowy Owl

1/16/2015 | 0

This Snowy Owl located on 2 Jan 2015 has taken up terrority on a local golf course in Kingston, Ontario … Read More

Snowy Owl

1/5/2015 | 0

Snowy owl seems at home in our city of Kingston, Ontario this winter.

Snowy Owl

1/5/2015 | 0

Snowy owls have arrived in good numbers for the second winter in a row for southern Ontario. This one has … Read More