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Indigo Bunting

5/5/2014 | 0

This past Sunday, May 4, 2014, must have been a special Sunday. Not only did I see my first Ruby-throated … Read More

Baltimore Oriole

5/5/2014 | 0

After such a long, harsh Winter, the brilliant flash of orange from the Baltimore Oriole is a more than welcome … Read More

American Robin

4/16/2014 | 0

This American Robin was absolutely adorable with it’s ‘tude’ and all!! Ann Arbor, MI 02/2014.

Brown-headed Cowbird

4/16/2014 | 0

Yes, I’ve been told they are ‘bad’ birds although I still shake my head in wonder at how a bird … Read More

Mourning Dove

2/3/2014 | 0

Who can resist the call of the Mourning Dove? (Ypsilanti Twp, MI 01-14)

Carolina Wren

2/3/2014 | 0

Although many in the area (Ypsilanti Twp, MI) have mentioned continued appearances of the Carolina Wren, myself included, I’m still … Read More

Dark-eyed Junco

1/1/2014 | 0

It was snowy as could be today. Couldn’t keep the feeders full-enough.