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Mountain Bluebird

5/9/2015 | 0

I snapped this shot while the male bluebird was changing positions on the branch. Kaleden, BC Canada

Brewer’s Blackbird

5/9/2015 | 0

This male bird was in full display today near Yellow Lake, southern interior of BC, Canada

Brewer’s Sparrow

5/7/2015 | 0

Taken near Penticton, BC Canada in a large sagebrush area. I think this bird was a female because she was … Read More

Tree Swallow

5/7/2015 | 0

This Tree Swallow was gathering nest material for its cavity nest at the Penticton marina today. Actually the plant is … Read More

Wilson’s Snipes

4/29/2015 | 0

This snipe duo was feeding in a muddy oxbow just off a bike trail in Penticton, BC Canada. It looks … Read More


4/22/2015 | 0

Vaseux Lake Bluffs, southern BC Canada May 2013