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Eastern Bluebird

10/2/2016 | 0

Well what do ya know…haven’t seen any at all since mid July and there he is back for those yummy … Read More

American Robin

10/2/2016 | 0

I’ve seen Robins going after the Ash berries daily from morning till evening since they first became ripe.

Black-capped Chickadee

10/2/2016 | 0

Time to fill this bird bath so the little birds can at least reach from the rim! 😉

Hairy Woodpecker

9/27/2016 | 0

Making sure the coast is clear before flying on in for some suet.

American Goldfinch

9/23/2016 | 0

Molting from pretty to plain for the winter months has begun

Palm Warbler

9/21/2016 | 0

Our Lombardi Poplar is full of them fluttering around and eating something. Must be some kind of insect?