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Rose-breasted Grosbeak

6/30/2016 | 0

Rose-breasted Grosbeak searching for seeds in the grass because a darn squirrel is on HIS feeder at the moment 😉

Eastern Kingbird

6/28/2016 | 0

Eastern Kingbird nesting around our yard for the second straight year in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Eastern Kingbird

6/28/2016 | 0

Eastern Kingbird singing away but with a new tune it seemed to me. 😉

Purple Finch

6/26/2016 | 0

Only see them since spring once in a while at our feeder

Pine Siskin

6/25/2016 | 0

The Siskins have stuck around all summer this year

Cedar Waxwing

6/25/2016 | 0

The last three years our yard is filled with Cedar Waxwings nesting all over

Eastern Bluebird

6/22/2016 | 0

Female Eastern Bluebird sitting at the very top of a Pine tree in a strong breeze. Not sure what she … Read More