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American Robins

9/11/2015 | 0

Hope all these young Robins leave some for the other birds before it’s completely bare! 😉

Black-capped Chickadee

9/11/2015 | 0

The little adorable chickadees are back in full force again. I know they don’t leave the area, but are very … Read More

Northern Flicker

9/8/2015 | 0

I didn’t even know they had such long tongues but as you can see-there it is sticking right out.

American Robin

9/7/2015 | 0

A young Robin is really enjoying the Ash berries. Once the leaves start falling, it will be easier to get … Read More

Blue Jay

9/4/2015 | 0

The Blue Jays are coming out in full force again, like they always do. From Autumn until Spring they are … Read More

American Goldfinch

8/31/2015 | 0

Enjoying a late summer dip in this 80 degree heat…long overdue I might add! 😉