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Evening Grosbeak

6/8/2016 | 0

First time this year for Mr. Evening Grosbeak to show his beautiful self in our back yard.

Red-tailed Hawk

6/8/2016 | 0

Unfortunately he got our 5 year old red Bantam Rooster but guess it’s better when that old to go quick … Read More

Rose-breasted Grosbeaks

6/7/2016 | 0

They’ve been around for almost a month now and still getting three feeding together when by now they usually split … Read More

American Robin

6/6/2016 | 0

Daddy Robin waiting for me to skedaddle so he can feed his family 😉

Red-winged Blackbird

6/6/2016 | 0

Female Red-winged Blackbird at the suet which she seems to love being back often daily