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Purple Finch

7/5/2016 | 0

Always Purple Finches in the good ole U.P. of MI. Often year round as well.

Cedar Waxwing

7/5/2016 | 0

Momma Waxwing peeking from her well built nest way up in our large Crab-apple. Every year we get one nesting … Read More

Eastern Kingbird

7/5/2016 | 0

Many Kingbirds nesting near our small orchard this year

American Goldfinch

7/5/2016 | 0

Female Goldfinch just sitting for quite a long time in our mini crab-apple tree

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

6/30/2016 | 0

Rose-breasted Grosbeak searching for seeds in the grass instead of the feeder for a change