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6/22/2013 | 0

Another look at a male Redhead Duck taken in one of the local parks in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. For this image … Read More


6/22/2013 | 1

A male Redhead duck taken in Donna Birkmaier Park in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This park is a naturalized park and has … Read More

Willow Ptarmigan

6/22/2013 | 1

This image of a Willow Ptarmigan was taken near Nome, Alaska as the sun was slowly setting. In Alaska, sunset … Read More

Rock Ptarmigan

6/18/2013 | 2

This image of a Rock Ptarmigan was taken on a recent trip to Nome, Alaska. For this image I used … Read More

Common Grackle

6/18/2013 | 0

This Common Grackle was feeding in the fishing pond at the Forestry Farm in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I used a D800 … Read More

Wilson’s Snipe

6/5/2013 | 1

I was taking some pictures of this snipe sitting on a post. Fortunately I kept the shutter firing as he … Read More

Mourning Dove

6/5/2013 | 0

Recently I came across this Mourning Dove just as the sun came over the horizon and cast a pink glow … Read More


6/4/2013 | 0

This image of a male Redhead Duck was taken at a local park using a D800 camera, a 300 mm … Read More