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American Robin

12/11/2013 | 0

An American Robin sitting on my grape vines in my garden. This was taken late this fall using a D800 … Read More

Southern Lapwing

12/9/2013 | 0

A Southern Lapwing photographed in Argentina in 2011. For this image I used a D300s Nikon Camera and a 300 … Read More

Lapland Longspur

12/6/2013 | 0

This image of a Lapland Longspur was taken in the Prince Albert National Park in September of this year. For … Read More

Sedge Wren

7/21/2013 | 0

This little Sedge Wren was scolding me for daring to enter into its territory. The image was taken with a … Read More

Pacific Golden-Plover

7/21/2013 | 0

An image of a male Pacific Golden Plover taken on the tundra outside of Nome, Alaska. This image was taken … Read More

Le Conte’s Sparrow

7/17/2013 | 1

A Le Conte’s Sparrow taken this morning near Blucher, Saskatchewan. I found this nice piece of grasslands that was full … Read More

Red-necked Grebes

7/16/2013 | 0

A Red-necked Grebe with two chicks taken at a park a few blocks from my house. For this image I … Read More

Pacific Golden-Plover

7/16/2013 | 0

This image of a female Pacific Golden-Plover was taken near Nome, Alaska, sometime after midnight. The sun was still in … Read More