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Amazon Kingfisher

8/31/2015 | 0

This image was taken at Piuval Lodge in the Pantanal in Brazil. For this image I used a Nikon D810 … Read More

Buff-necked Ibis

8/30/2015 | 0

This image of a Buff-necked Ibis was taken at Piuval Lodge in the Pantanal in Brazil. I recently returned from … Read More

Canada Goose

7/14/2015 | 0

Taken earlier this year on the banks of the Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon. This little goose¬†was saying, according to my … Read More

Wilson’s Phalarope

7/14/2015 | 0

This female phalarope was photographed near Morse, Saskatchewan, earlier this year. The Wilson’s Phalarope breed in the Saskatoon area. Nikon … Read More

Spotted Sandpiper

7/8/2015 | 0

I found this Spotted Sandpiper doing a balancing act on the wire. To me they look out of place on … Read More

Common Tern

7/8/2015 | 0

This Common Tern was flying over a local pond looking for food.

Brown Thrasher

7/8/2015 | 0

I found this thrasher in a local park earlier this spring. He was staking out territory and hoping to attract … Read More

House Wren

7/6/2015 | 0

The House Wrens started feeding their chicks at 5:30 am and kept it up until 9:30 pm. Often there was … Read More