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Tourmaline Sunangels

1/13/2014 | 0

This image was taken at a multi-flash set-up in Ecuador. I like to think these hummingbirds were playing ‘ring-around-a-rosy’

Great Gray Owl

1/11/2014 | 0

I captured this image of a Great Gray Owl as it was flying towards me. This was taken when I … Read More

Long-tailed Jaeger

1/9/2014 | 0

This photo of a Long-tailed Jaeger was taken on rainy afternoon near Nome, Alaska last June. For this image I … Read More

Brewer’s Blackbird

1/6/2014 | 0

Rarity for this time of year in Saskatchewan. These birds are common in the summer but only occasionally do we … Read More

Savannah Sparrow

1/2/2014 | 0

I love the grassland birds and this Savannah Sparrow is no exception. I was pleased to find him sitting in … Read More

Velvet-purple Coronet

1/2/2014 | 0

This image of a Velvet-purple Coronet hummingbird was taken at a multi-flash setup in Ecuador in January.

Masked Flowerpiercer

12/29/2013 | 0

This is a re-posting. This image was taken at a multi-flash set-up at Guango Lodge in Ecuador. I think there … Read More

Clay-colored Sparrows

12/29/2013 | 0

Obviously one of these Clay-colored Sparrows didn’t like the other one sitting on his fence. So he chased him off. … Read More