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American White Pelican

5/12/2016 | 0

I shot this photo of an American White Pelican fishing in one of Whittier Narrows Lakes in Montebella, California.

Snowy Egret

12/11/2014 | 0

A snowy egret fishing in Whittier Narrows outside of Los Angeles. I watched this fisherman move up and down the … Read More

American Avocets

7/24/2014 | 0

Two American Avocets fishing at Henderson Bird Viewing preserve in Henderson, near Las Vegas. The location I discovered while reading … Read More

Swan Geese

5/1/2014 | 0

the shot was taken in southern California at a park called Whittier Narrows. I heard a group of geese honking, … Read More

Snowy Egret

4/16/2014 | 0

Snowy egret shot at the Henderson bird preserve in Henderson Nevada

Northern Shoveler

11/12/2013 | 0

Incoming duck, shot with a Nikon D 7100 and Tamron SP 200-500 at Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, Nevada.

Snowy Egrets

8/29/2013 | 1

Snowy Egrets, shot taken at Clark County Bird Viewing Preserve in Henderson, Nevada with a Canos EOS 7 D and … Read More