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Purple Finch

12/10/2014 | 0

I’m blessed to have purple finches at my feeder 10 months out of the year. Their best colors seem to … Read More

Downy Woodpecker

11/27/2014 | 0

May hope brighten up your day. I just stuck this in the ground, went over and set down when hope … Read More

Purple Finch

8/20/2014 | 0

Love my purple finches, they stay year round here in my neck of the woods. This spring we had 4 … Read More

American Goldfinch

8/5/2014 | 0

What can be better then our beloved American Goldfinch eating sunflower seeds and the flag waving beside him? I guess … Read More

Scarlet Tanager

5/14/2014 | 0

What a beautiful bird with that patch of yellow just to set him off even more

Indigo Bunting

5/4/2014 | 0

Now how could you not love this guy with his well displayed feathers?

Purple Finch

4/23/2014 | 0

Just love these guys, always looking forward to see them all day long.